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Our Driving Force

Second Wind was born from the same body-image battle many women struggle with daily. 


The research speaks for itself. We live in a world that teaches an "ideal" body type from an extremely early age. 


This reality often pushes women to their breaking point physically, mentally, and emotionally. We've seen it; we've lived it. It's time for radical change within the feminine health and fitness space.  


Second Wind's driving force is to provide women strength apart from society's current health and fitness expectations.

Watch sustainable health emerge where mental strength meets physical strength.


One thing we know for sure: All unique bodies are a detailed masterpiece, no matter the size or shape.


We rewrite the narrative from here on out. 

By age thirteen, 53% of American girls are unhappy with their bodies. This grows to 78% by the time girls reach seventeen.

-National Organization for Women 

Why Second Wind?

Straightforward Plans





Science - Backed




Professional Trainers

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